It all started forty years ago, when Andrew went to a bush school in Zimbabwe, (then Rhodesia) where his first love was flora and fauna. He pushed aside matters of the real world to pursue what would become his life's journey. From bush school, he became entangled in the 'Rhodesian War', which once again presented an opportunity for him to be out in the wild, albeit under not such peaceful circumstances. It was during his time as a soldier, that he was first introduced to Mana Pools and the Zambezi River, which were to change his life forever.

Andrew fell inextricably in love with 'The Valley' and went on to pursue a career as a guide, which enabled him to enrich his knowledge and experience of the wilderness and learn the secrets of nature that are so apparent now in his work. His quest to capture the perfect material for his art has often found him in precarious situations, including face-offs with lion or charges by angry elephants. He tells his story in a soon to be published book he has written, called 'Brush Strokes of Africa', which encounters heartwarming and amusing inclusions of his journey through life along with numerous reproductions of his oil paintings and sketches.

Recently Andrew has created the ‘Forever Wild Foundation’, a conservation charity with the aim of raising funds to assist worthy efforts within Southern Africa.

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